Since we’ve moved into tiny house we’ve been using a big metal ladder to access the loft. It was always meant to be a temporary solution, but it stayed around longer than we thought because we couldn’t decide where to put our future ladder. We wanted something that would be out of the way but easily accessible. We debated several ideas: storing it under the loft (on the lounge ceiling), something retractable from the loft area, storing it in the closet, and even thought about just leaving it out in the open.

During our trip to Mexico, the hinges on the armoire in our room inspired the solution. We attached the ladder against the wall using hinges so we can pull it out when we need it. It is a little more difficult to get up and down because it is so vertical, but it isn’t terrible. We stained it the same color as the loft and I really like how it fits into our house.

I think B did a great job building it. Who knew he could build a ladder?! Here are a few pictures from the day we installed it. Please excuse the mess, we are still working on building our storage areas for stuff.

B installing the ladder stop. We just move the peg and push the ladder back against the wall when we are done.

Ladder in open position

ladder against wall

View of ladder from lounge area. Also our dog is afraid of the swiffer.

Next up on the project list… lounge cushions!!! They have arrived, but we won’t be back until Monday to see them. I can’t wait! I still need to sew some back bolsters and pillows next week, but then it will officially be my favorite place in the world :)