Thanks for taking a peek at our house! We love hearing from people who are interested in tiny house life or are in the process of making their own! Here are some answers to the most common questions we are asked:

Where the heck is your bathroom? I don’t see it in any of the pictures?!
Good eye! You don’t see a bathroom in here because there isn’t one. Tricky. As much as I love living in a tiny house, I just couldn’t see a situation where I enjoyed having a bathroom so close to all of my living spaces. I admire people who are able to make this work for them, but I just couldn’t. We are fortunate enough to have our house on land we can build on, so we are planning on taking advantage of that and building some sort of bathroom outbuilding with compostable toilet/shower/etc. I’m still gathering inspiration on what this will be. In the meantime, we are using another bathroom on the property. It hasn’t been a big deal so far, but I would like my own space eventually.

How do you cook? Where is your stove/cooktop/microwave?
We have a double burner cooktop that we store on top of our fridge. Right now we do a lot of our cooking with that. We also have a bbq outside that we’ve been utlizing a lot this spring/summer. We are planning to also have a large toaster oven that will be our oven/toaster/etc. I am having a hard time finding one with large capacity that also gets good reviews and isn’t $500. Maybe I’m living in a dream world.

Why did you choose cabinets instead of space saving open storage?
Well, quite honestly, I am a clutterbug and we have a dog. People who have perfectly curated shelving where everything is spotless and dust free are living my dream life. But my reality life is that in such a small space, our stuff is going to have to be hidden or it’s going to look messy. Even one extra glass on the table makes it look like I had a wild party the night before.

Where did you get your magnetic spice tins?
Here are my secret sources :)
Tins: http://www.specialtybottle.com/cleartoptincontainersmi.aspx
Labels (+ a little photoshop): http://www.designsponge.com/2013/02/weekly-wrap-up-free-designer-organizer-label-downloads.html
Sticker paper: office supply store
magnets & glue: craft store

When will your house be completed?
Never. haha. In all seriousness though, I would say we are 85% done.

Multiple questions about our table… Isn’t your table awkwardly in the middle of the room when folded out? Why don’t you push it against the wall? How do you entertain?
Yes, our table takes up most of the kitchen/dining space when folded out. I only have it folded out when I’m working and no one is coming in or out. I could turn it so the long edge is facing the wall, but I don’t like to. I really like facing the door. I get too distracted otherwise. Weird quirk? When we have larger groups we move the table into the lounge. With the lounge seats and our 2 chairs, we can seat up to 6. Perfect!

How has it been having a dog in your house?
It’s not often you get to use the answer “hairy but good,” so I’ll take the opportunity to use it now. Our dog is part lab, so he sheds quite a bit. I could vacuum all day and would never get it all, so I don’t. I try to do a quick vacuum each day and then once a week, I do a full vacuum, swiffer, mop, and dusting. He is a very odd dog and hates getting wet or dirty so he stays pretty clean and unsmelly. We try to have some airflow going though. It also helps that he spends a majority of his time outside. He is not too big, only about 30 pounds so he doesn’t take up too much room. He absolutely loves his new life in the country and is much happier here than in our bigger house.

Did I miss anything? I’ll continue adding stuff as we get more questions. Thanks for reading!


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  2. Absolutely love your tiny space! The white you chose leaves it so bright, open and inviting. You’re living our dream :) The spice tins are awesome too. Congrats on your happy space, and good luck with the rest!

  3. I love your little home. I read that you used google sketch=up to design it- you couldn’t send me a copy of your plans..could you? Or are you planning to sell plans too? A lot of the plans are quite cost prohibitive/and I like your design.

    • Hi Barb! Thanks for checking out our home. Our plans aren’t really sharing-worthy. We are amateur builders/designers and would hate for any mistakes in our sketches to cause issues with your project. It is possible in the future that if there is a lot of demand we would work on getting them out into the world.

  4. I find your story fascinating. Your later remark that you have nothing to say of interest is wrong. Actually living and functioning in such a tiny space is really where it all works or doesn’t work. How is the reduced wardrobe working out? Do you wear clothing out too quickly or do you compensate by buying a different quality or content/blend of each garment? And shoes? How many pairs are you able to function with? The reality is that we always favor certain garments anyway.

    How does bathing work out? Are there things you would change? How do you keep from accumulating? What do you do with the art you make? Do you get just one set of to die for bedding? Do you have summer and winter sheets? Do you have storage somewhere? Do you fashion new activities with space as an issue? I like to collage and I prefer to do it in books because they are smaller in space.

    Do you have other electronics? Do you have access to the internet at home or do you have to go somewhere else? What about if you relocate to Baja?

    What are the unexpected pleasures? And what annoys each of you? I forgot whether you have a washer and dryer? Do you have to go to the laundromat? And how often?

    How has the new lifestyle affected your diet? Do you find new foods that are easier to store? Is food storage an issue?

    Do you find yourself more creative with less distraction? Or do you find the limits more inspiring?

    That is just a few ideas…

    • Thank you SO much for taking the time to look at our blog. I love all of your topics ideas and will definitely be writing about some up these in the near future!

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