We were inspired to live a more simple life (less possessions, less debt, less stress) from a trip to Baja California Sur. A life by the beach especially inspires S. Spending most of the time (being warm!) outdoors and the slower pace of life is something she craves. B is most at home in the mountains. Our tiny house will hopefully be a mix of both of our styles and be some sort of beach cottage in the mountains :).

Our goal with this blog is to track our progress building our first small house and share the experience with our friends and family. We also hope to inspire people and share ideas with those who are also interested in building their own small space.

We do though, wish to keep this blog semi-anonymous. We just prefer to keep a low profile while still sharing our experiences. We’ve decided just to keep our names to initials “B” and “S”.

B is the primary builder on this project. It will be the first house he’s built from start to finish.

S is primarily in charge of overall vision and beautification (and blogging!).

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  1. If you don’t mind my asking a few questions….you can email me directly if you don’t want them posted to your blog.
    Ballpark budget for house? Hours to build your home? Did you vent your roof? Did you buy property to put your house on? What is the R rating of your insulation?

    If I had property, I would have my bathroom in a separate building as well and with a covered, connected walk way.

    I also love that little window over the door. I’m building a tiny house with a really tiny budget, luckily my son-in-law will build it for me as I’m disabled.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Victoria,
      I’ll try to answer your questions the best I can! That is so great that your son-in-law is building it for you!

      Ballpark budget for our house is around $13k, but we still aren’t totally finished yet. We started building around May and we basically are moved in as of the first of the year. B worked about 24 hours/week on it. There are still a few details we have to finish, like the ladder, plumbing for the kitchen, closet and clothes storage, and lounge cushions. We moved it on to property owned by relatives. The R rating is 15. For our roof vent….eave vent, 2 inch gap on top of insulation up to a ridge vent, and continuous ventilation through the whole thing.

      Love your idea about having a covered walkway between the house and the bathroom. Going to keep that in mind :)


    • We’ve talked about doing tiny houses with covered walk ways for our home when we build in a few years. Then each of the children could have their own tiny house/room so when they’re adults they could take it with them and have housing.

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  3. where did u get the design plans from and did u have knowledge of how to build a house before you started?

    • We designed the plans ourselves. I’m lucky that my husband is good with that kind of thing and he put the whole thing in Google Sketch Up before we began. He had helped a little bit with a few building projects, but he basically researched and learned as he was building.

  4. Dear “B” and “S”,

    Could you please contact me on the above mentioned email address regarding the possibility of using 3-4 pictures of your beautiful “tiny” house and mentioning your inspiring blog in a feature in a decoration magazine in the Netherlands?

    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

      • Hi S.,

        I just replied to your email, I apologize for the delay!!! You might not have seen it, but I will send you another email with some new contact details and an update 😉

        Thank you and kind regards,

          • Hi S,

            I just sent you an email regarding 2 high res. images we would like to use. I hope it is possible to send the 2 high res. images as soon as possible?

            Thank you!

            Kind regards,

      • Hi S.,

        I just replied to your email, I apologize for the delay!!! You might not have seen it, but I will send you another email with some new contact details and an update 😉

        Thank you and kind regards,

  5. I am obsessively researching tiny houses all over the world so have seen my fair share. I must say I love the clean white lines of your house contrasted with the natural timber of the floorboards and ladder. Love the living area as well. Any pics of shower/toilet?
    Great job so far, hopefully you will post more pic’s.
    You should consider selling your plans, great design.

    • Hi James. I can totally relate to obsessively researching tiny houses. I probably don’t want to know how many hours I spent online looking at any tiny house I could find. :) We are still in the transition process for deciding what to do for our bathroom/shower, so I don’t have any pics yet. I will continue posting pics though!

  6. I assume the bathroom is going between the closet and the sitting area but I don’t see any doors and it doesn’t look like quite enough space. So where is the bathroom going to be?

    • Hi Jan,
      We chose to make the space that would normally be a bathroom into a closet and instead build a bathroom outbuilding. Our timing with the build and move has put building that off a bit, so right now we utilize a bathroom on another part of the property we are living on.

  7. Love what you’ve done! We are having difficulty figuring out a way to be legally on a piece of land without having to own it. You say you moved onto relatives’ land… what are the bylaws in your area (here they say that one lot = one dwelling…) Just curious as to how folks are working with outdated zoning and bylaws… Thanks!!

    • Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delayed response. We did move onto a relative’s land, but they have two legal lots. However, we did nothing to be properly or legally approved to be here. We are mostly relying on being too far out in the boonies and knowing (and getting along with) all of our neighbors. Best of luck to you and I hope you find a way to work with the zoning and bylaws.

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