Tiny House Life Update

When I first started this blog I always told myself I’d keep posting after we moved in. A lot of tiny house blogs seem to just diminish after their project is complete. I always wanted to hear what life was like and how the people were doing.

BUT I failed at my own promises. Tiny house life seems so exotic when you’re on the outside, but everyday life now just seems normal… and a little boring. It’s hard to think of anything to post. “I worked for 8 hours today, made dinner, read a book, and went to bed… all in a tiny house.” Boring, right?!!

However, I thought I would pop in and at least give a bit of an update of what we’ve been up to. Day to day life might seem pretty mundane, but there have been some pretty big changes. The most recent has been I put in my notice at my work, so pretty soon I will be free from the 9-5! Moving into our house was a BIG reason I was able to do this. We’ve been able to save more money and open up room in our budget for this to happen. YAY!!

Another wonderful thing that has happened recently was we were able to meet a few other tiny house folks in the area. We had never seen another tiny house in person and it was so cool to tour a few others. Probably not surprising, we have quite a bit in common. I have plans for a tiny house get together at our place soon.

As far as projects go, we haven’t accomplished a whole bunch. We were pretty burned out so are taking some time off. I’m guessing in the Spring, we’ll really work on completely finishing up the interior, which is mostly just some shelving and a bookcase. We did finish the doors for the lounge seating storage and I have sewed 3 more curtains for the windows. I snapped a quick pic this morning so you can see. This is a typical Saturday morning…

I’ve been thinking about how to do Christmas in the tiny house. This will be our first and we left all our decorations in storage. I’m thinking about some white lights and maybe some garland to give it a festive feel. Maybe some time on Pinterest is in order :)

Hope all is well with you! Happy belated Thanksgiving from us! S & B

11 thoughts on “Tiny House Life Update

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  2. Hello!
    Love your website, love your house, and love reading your story! I’m not sure where I saw it first — tiny house design, I think. I have a question for you. I am writing a blog post about how we humans have a great capacity for good and how we’d do really well to harness our intelligence and industry to make the planet better, rather than just doing whatever it takes to make more money. I would like to use the picture of your tiny house, with the mountains in the background — would you mind? Please go to my website and see a little of what I’m about (my last post was silly, but I have more serious ones): hovergirl.wordpress.com. I am hoping to have a tiny house some day, and it turns out my husband and I are going to be buying my parent’s farm (part of it), so we might even build a tiny house community. We’ll see! 😀

    Thanks so much! :)

    • Hi Teresa!
      Thanks for taking an interest in our tiny house story! That would be fine to use a picture of our tiny house in your blog post. If you wouldn’t mind linking back to the source we’d really appreciate it :)

      I love the idea of a tiny house community! It’s so fun thinking about all the possibilities living tiny can bring! Best of luck!


  3. Hi its nice to see that you are surviving well in the tiny house and that you are able to give up your 9-5 job.
    Thanks for updating us its ok that these blogs peeter out after the build is completed I think its just the natural lifecycle :)
    As you know there will always be a new project to fill the gap so dont worry about entertaining us! It just nice to hear that life in a tiny house is deemed normal after a couple of months reassuring to those that havent taken the plunge yet and are still contemplating the move.
    Thanks for the update

    Helen :)

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment. Life here is surprising normal and we love it. We are coming up to 1 year living here and the only regret is we didn’t do it sooner :)

  4. So did you find some way to decorate for Christmas? That could be fun with some popcorn garland or something – and i’ve always thought this would be the perfect space saving tree ( i need something to hang ornaments on!) — http://imgfave.com/view/2822114?r=pin

    • We had a tiny tiny tree (maybe 6 inches tall) and I strung some white lights around the interior of the house. I’m hoping to have more ideas for next year :)

  5. Hi there
    I’m writing a piece on micro homes and tiny houses for an Australian online
    daily (thenewdaily.com.au) and I’d love to use some images of your gorgeous tiny house. Is it ok to use some images from your website ? thanks! best margaret

    • Thanks for taking an interest in our tiny house! That would be fine to use some images of our tiny house in your piece. If you wouldn’t mind linking back to the source we’d really appreciate it.

  6. If you’re looking for a new chapter in the Tiny House story, I know a few friendly readers who would love to see how you creatively raise a tiny family in a tiny house…just a thought 😉

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