That time I saw my house on Facebook and FAQs!

It is a weird experience to be browsing Facebook and then see a picture of your own house! I was taken aback for a second and then excited to see our house featured by Tiny House Design.

It was so cool to see how many people were interested in our house. I had fun reading all the comments, but it was also hard because I wanted to respond to all of them! Unfortunately, commenting via facebook would not be the best way to stay anonymous :(

So, I just added a new FAQ page to clarify many of the questions I was reading. I hope it is helpful!

Later in the day, I found out we were also featured by Tiny House Talk! So welcome to all new visitors, I hope you can find a bit of inspiration here!

The thing I love about tiny house life is the freedom it gives us to make our living space into exactly what we want. It is so cool to see what others choose to make a priority or choose to sacrifice. Sometimes what is one person’s dealbreaker in a house is another person’s favorite thing. Love it.

Our house is still a work in progress and we have quite a few fun projects still to come. I hope you’ll continue to follow along in our journey!

All the best,

9 thoughts on “That time I saw my house on Facebook and FAQs!

  1. Great tiny house. I think I was the first to paint everything white inside my tiny home. I love how bright it makes the interior look and how much bigger they appear once they are painted white. Seems to be a bit of a tiny house trend finally.

    You did an excellent job building yours. The layout is really nice with the spacious sitting area and floor space for your dog. The tiny house pillow you made is beyond adorable. Great storage areas also. Great window above your front door.

    I notice you have a tiny kitchen sink also. I had mine built by Slabtown Customs in Arkansas for just under 10K. If I had it to do again I would of picked out a bigger kitchen sink. But at that price who could really complain?

    I hope you have fun glamping in your adorable tiny house.
    Many Blessings –

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Your house was a huge inspiration for me!!! When I was researching tiny house interiors, none of them really felt like me, but then I saw yours and the pieces started coming together. I love your shabby chic retreat, it is beyond adorable. I agree, a tiny sink is not ideal and probably something we’d rethink if we built another one. But we make it work as I’m sure you do :) I can’t believe the price you got for someone to build your house for you. Pretty amazing.

      Thanks again for your inspiration!

  2. hey S and B, so how does wi-fi come into play? Does it? From your pictures, I can’t tell how far or near you are to …”society” or satellite coverage for broadband so just curious how you get work done in that regard. I am guessing it’s not super far. But I like that it seems like it could be.

    Your sink drains to?

    Also do you guys see any wild animals?!

    I love your home. You guys rock!
    Love from LA

    • Hey J! We have satellite coverage out here. It is not the most reliable or super fast, but it allows us to work (no netflix though, sad face). But I wanted to be online less out here anyway, so the spotty internet has helped me with that :) We’re about 30 miles from “society”, so it’s not too bad, until you realize you forgot one ingredient for dinner and running to the store would take an hour. :)

      Today I saw a large deer and a bunny. B saw a bear on his hike last weekend, but it was about 5 miles from our house. Still cool though.


  3. Love the tiny house. From your pictures it looks like it was built on an open tandem trailer. Was it special built, or right off the lot? Also I didn’t see the overall size of the home. What are the dimensions? We’re there restrictions to using bathrooms? Really curious and impressed by your style and ingenuity. I have moved from a 1,500 sq. ft. House to a 600 sq. ft. Apartment. I have been paring down my possessions for a few years. Still have a huge storage shed to go. But I want to build a small house and have some space for me. One on wheels would be great. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you can answer some of my questions. Thanks!

    • Hi Jim, thanks so much for commenting! We purchased our trailer right off of the lot. I believe the trailer was an 18ft. We used a couple feet of that for our porch, so our interior is approximately 8×16. Of course, the walls and insulation make it a little smaller. The loft is about 8×7. It is definitely a process paring down possessions, we still have some stuff in storage as well but living here has made me even more motivated to clear that out. Best of luck on your journey! -S

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