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I’ve been waiting to share interior photos until we get everything done. But then I realized if I waited until it was done, I would never post anything. Besides, this blog has been chronicling our process all along, so this is just another step in the process. But for some reason it still bothers me to post almost done stuff. Eeeek, we are so close. So what I decided to do is post some interior shots with a list of projects we still need to do. A little eye candy for you and a little to do list for me. :)

This area is probably my favorite in the house and is just about done. It just needs 2 curtains, doors over the lounge seating storage, a small computer shelf and a floating bookshelf.














Dining Room/Office
This is our office in “day-mode” with both table leaves folded out. This is where I work during the day. These are the curtains I sewed last weekend. So glad to get that glare off of my screen(s). Office area needs a bookshelf next to the door and another console/storage unit behind the closest chair (over the wheel well).














Another view of office with kitchen in view. We just got that black & white rug, and I think I want to order another one. My special window still needs trim and the front door needs another coat of paint and some curtains.














This is our office/dining area in “night mode” with everything tucked away. Much more space for cooking/walking. At some point, my computer won’t be there all the time (we’ll have it in the lounge for movies!) and we can use it more for dining.














Fair warning, this still needs quite a bit of help. We finally have our water working so we can do dishes and things, but we have no dish drainer so we are using a fruit basket for now (oh dear). I have that small frame and the blue jar that need some styling. I also have a clock that needs a home. The other dishes on the counter are B’s pottery that he just brought home. Need to figure out their final home.














Here you can see the remaining pieces of B’s pottery, as well as a sign and bottle opener that need to be attached to the exterior of tiny house. Our mail/filing station is also currently here, but will be moved once the bookshelf is built. The two boxes on top of the mail station are exterior bistro lights that need to be installed outside. The last box by the wall is B’s birthday present. I’m also considering a partial curtain for this window, but am not sure.














Another kitchen view. I’m excited to get everything in it’s place so we’ll have full use of that counter again.














Closet & Ladder
The closet has a matching curtain to keep people from seeing it’s closet-ness. It is where we store our clothes, shoes, laundry bag, sound system thingy, pantry items, reusable grocery bags, broom, and books. The books will move to the bookshelf once it’s built. We still need a better shoe storage solution in the closet.














I found it very hard to take pictures of the loft, but here’s the best ones :) First on the loft to do list is a new quilt and new pillowcases. These colors don’t go with our decor at all and I can’t wait for a new one. However, I think I’m going to make the quilt myself so it could be awhile before there’s a new one up here.

Another view of the loft.

View from up in the loft looking back towards the house. I love how light it is up here.

View of the interior from up in the loft.

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    • Thanks girl, but we have no hanging room in the closet anymore. Crazy I know. Have to find something for the floor. Surprisingly (or not) no one makes them as small as we need. Might be a husband project. :)

  1. Oh my gosh, your house is absolutely beautiful! I love all the light walls and cupboards and the bead board!! And you can see that it is so filled with light. I will be starting to build my tiny house this fall and I am planning on painting the interior nearly white also. And I love the black hardware. You’ve done such an amazing job. Thank you for all the hard work of posting photos and all the information. I decided I would blog about my build also.. I know I learn so much from every one I’ve found, so maybe mine will eventually help someone else too.

    • Thank you Karen! I just checked out your blog and it seems like we have a very similar style. Awesome! I also have to say your dog is so adorable. Best of luck as you begin your tiny house journey!

  2. I have a question too… I notice a lot of lighting (and I love the style). I’m shopping online right now for what I might like to use and felt like I might be overdoing it – placing wall sconces here and there, where they’d seem appropriate, in my house plan. I see some double and triple lights in your house – is it working well for you?

    • I think we overdid it a tad on the lighting. I don’t think I realized how much light we’d get with all of the windows and then the white walls really keep everything bright as well. Not that I’m complaining! The lights we use the least are the triple sconce in the kitchen and the chandelier. If I could change it now, I probably would have just relied on the chandelier light to light the kitchen and not had that light in the kitchen. I feel like I could have used that space for something more useful, like an extra shelf or something.

  3. Its looking fantastic….dont rush the ending just remember to take your time to get the quality of finished project. This is the key to success of the tiny house small but high quality spec.
    I love your light fittings I cant remember whether I asked this question before but do you have a toilet / shower or is that separate? and how do you cook will that be a portable benchtop.

    Thing I am loving::
    the sense of space
    the light fittings
    your curtains (gorgeous)
    your floorplan
    the headroom in the loft
    the clever ladder
    your kitchen cupboards
    large windows
    level of light
    cosiness and warmth

    I love all of it really :))

    keep going……thanks for posting its really inspirational and provides me with ammo to convince my husband this is what we should do.

    Enjoy the weekend
    Helenb (from wintery Melbourne)

    • just found your answer regarding the bathroom :))
      I think it is what I would do might be a little chilly in the night sometimes but the extra living room would make it worthwhile.

      • oh good! Glad you saw it, I wasn’t sure if my comments were posting in the right place :) Winter here with an outbuilding will definitely be an adventure, but we are lucky enough to have access to a bathroom at our inlaws cabin if things get too crazy.

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for the encouragement! It is hard not rushing things sometimes, but it always feels better when we take our time and get it right. For our cooking we have a portable electric double burner thing. It takes longer than a normal burner to get hot and to cool down, but it hasn’t been an issue really. We store it in the space between the fridge and countertops and it works perfectly. I’m also still trying to pick out the best toaster oven to use for our toasting and baking needs. I would like one that could fit a casserole pan and a cookie sheet. Must be able to make cookies :) Good luck convincing your husband! It’s definitely a little unusual so having lots of good pictures helps!

      • Slow cookers are good too so versatile. You can make bread in a slow cooker sour dough is particularly delicious and ridiculously easy to make it uses the steam to cook it. Not to mention soups, stews and curries and puddings as well. Would be worth affording it a little space based on what it can deliver cooking wise.
        just a thought of course :)

        • Hi Helen!
          I absolutely love slow cookers and we have one stored at our inlaws. However we are nervous to use it in our tiny house because we were afraid the steam from it would put too much moisture into the house. Have you heard of other people in tiny houses using them, I’d love to know if they were able to do it.

          • Here’s a crazy idea. What about creating an outdoor shelf outside your kitchen window, complete with an overhang, where you could put the slow cooker? I like thinking outside the box! I could envision opening the window, placing the slow cooker, closing the window (if necessary) and then bringing the slow cooker back in when the food is done. Just a thought.

          • Well, I love crazy ideas, thanks for sharing! We do have an electrical outlet outside near the kitchen, so it wouldn’t be too difficult :) The slow cooker seems to be a hot topic, I definitely will need to figure something out :)

  4. Hi S & B: Alex Pino did a blog posting on your blog but I don’t know if you’ll be reading the comments so I came HERE to copy and paste my thoughts.

    “Delightful! Artistic! LOVE the arched Gothic window and am wondering if it came from a church? Fabulous architectural feature that shines in a home of this size.

    S—if I had your address, I’d buy & send you a dish drain, you poor dear! But, a fruit basket is decidedly handy for the few dishes that are in there. 😉

    Wondering if either are from the U.K.? We use the word “lounge” to describe what American’s call the “living room” but so few people understand what we’re talking about, I default to l.r. on this site. At least “loo” has a more global understanding.

    Open question to either B (male) or S (female) if you trot over to Alex’s site: I know that “glamping” is a mash-up word for “glamourous camping”, so WHICH way is it for the two of you? Are you 1) being highly mobile (camping) and surrounded by your luxury or 2) staying put (luxury) in your tiny house, in a naturalistic setting (camping)? Just curious, as I’m keen on the your use of the word glamping to describe your lifestyle.

    LOVE your home and LOVE your blog postings; quite humourous, indeed!”

    • Hello!
      S here, thanks for letting me know about Alex Pino’s blog post on us. How fun! Thank you so much for your comment, I’ll try to answer all of your questions here :)

      We had the window special ordered for us. It was quite the process. I spent several months trying to find a vintage version or anything similar from an old building. Then I spent a month trying to find a window company that would make something like this. But finally I found one, and they were only like 15 minutes from home. Too cool.

      Thanks for your offer to send me a dish drain… haha, you are too sweet. I really need to just order something, it’s getting ridiculous displacing our fruit for drying dishes. :)

      We are not from the U.K., but are both avid travelers, so maybe that word just stuck with us?! I also think living room sounds weird in a house that is basically all one room, but maybe that’s just me.

      On the glamping note, I think there were several reasons behind it. When we first started the project, we weren’t sure if we’d have electricity or running water at the place, so I kept saying, well then we’re basically camping, but in style. Also, we do think of our house as luxurious and it does have a bit of a camping lifestyle feel to it. This morning while sitting in the lounge having coffee, a family of deer wandered casually by. It just doesn’t feel like normal life here (in a good way) :)

      Enjoy your weekend! -S

      • Dear S: How delightful to receive such a quick answer from you! I’m still chuffed at your photos of your home and the extremely well-thought out processes that you and B have blogged upon. Yes, I understand that NO ONE is ever satisfied with the finished project, but, that’s human nature, I believe. We’re such funny mercurial creatures, aren’t we?! 😉 As an architect myself, I get hired to “fix” or “add” onto homes. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard: “Oh, we didn’t realize when we were building…” or “…if we had known or taken the time…” So, it’s natural that the two of you have discovered quirks about lighting fixtures, etc.

        I bought a lovely foldable dish drain from Crate & Barrel’s Container Store, over 15 years ago. I use *bing* as my search engine: if you type in “folding dish drain” (select IMAGES) many websites featuring my drain will show up for you and can be ordered, online. Also, on a quirky sidebar: if you type in “pretty dish drain”, you’ll come see some amazingly fun and quirky dish drains that might suit your fancy. (Sorry, it’s the Mum in me that is focused on this issue. Please forgive! <3)

        Here's a very simple question for you: Is there ANY WAY that a person who comments can be notified upon answers from either of you? I had posted comments on many of your back blog posts and fear I can't find them all regarding an answer.

        Cheers to you both. You're just a lovely couple + pup, too!

  5. You are such an inspiration! This is a fabulous house and I am working toward by tiny home goal in my gmo free simpler lifestyle. I really like your special window, your work area in the kitchen (the hub of all of life’s activity) and the wrap around sectional. Very nice!

  6. Hi, S. Well, I’ve been checking my Inbox and Junk Mail box and no notice for comments, yet. So, I’m just generating a random comment to see if an answer triggers a notification.

    Oh, by the way: I’ve used crockpots for over 40 years of my life and there’s NO STEAM!!!! If you take the top off of a crock pot, someone should be smacking your hand with a wooden spoon! It drops the cooking temperature tremendously…so, NO STEAM escapes. It’s a delightful home-y way to enjoy a meal with minimal effort. :)

    • hmmm… maybe this response will trigger an email? If not, I’ll have to search for something else. I was hoping that would be an easy fix.

      hahaha, please don’t slap my hand, I don’t take the top off the crock pot in the middle of cooking :) You are probably correct that it wouldn’t be an issue, I think we are paranoid about not wanting anything to hurt our house :) We’ll probably give it a go when the weather cools off.

  7. Just a question, I see no trace of a bathroom / toilet in your house (which is absolutely beautiful by the way), May I ask what is your situation RE Bathroom / Toilet ? will you be parked somewhere where there are external bathroom facilities ? I was just wondering… Thanks and thank you for sharing your project with us all…

    Cheers from Australia.

    • Hi Darren,
      Thanks so much for taking an interest in our project. We chose to make the space that would normally be a bathroom into a closet and instead build a bathroom outbuilding. Our timing with the build and move has put building that off a bit, so right now we utilize a bathroom on another part of the property we are living on.

      All the best,

  8. I love your home! My fiance and I are considering building out own tiny home, but we are running into trouble finding a place to put it. Do you know of any resources that would help us navigate building and residential codes?

    • Thanks so much for checking out our house! However, we did nothing to be properly or legally approved to be here. We are mostly relying on being too far out in the boonies and knowing (and getting along with) all of our neighbors. Best of luck to you and I hope you find a way to work with the zoning and bylaws.

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