Featured on Tiny House Swoon!

Our little house was featured today on Tiny House Swoon! That site is always a great source of inspiration for me, so it’s really cool to be on there.

If you’re new to our little blog, here are a few good posts to catch you up (from oldest to newest):
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Also, I’m currently putting together a huge post full of new interior shots for next week!


6 thoughts on “Featured on Tiny House Swoon!

  1. This is how I found out about you guys! I love your design! Did you design it yourself? How much did it cost to build?

    • Hi Clark! Thanks for checking out our house. We designed it ourselves but definitely took a lot of inspiration from other houses that were out there. I’m not sure we have a final tally on costs, but if I was guessing I’d say it was in the $13,000 range. There are definitely ways we could have cut costs though.

  2. Looks great!
    fantastic job well done!

    Just a quick question does your tiny home have a bathroom/toilet? I notice that you have closet but cant see a bathroom.

    cheers from Melbourne, Australia

    • Hi Helen! There is no bathroom inside. We have plans for some sort of out building in the works. :)

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