That time I saw my house on Facebook and FAQs!

It is a weird experience to be browsing Facebook and then see a picture of your own house! I was taken aback for a second and then excited to see our house featured by Tiny House Design.

It was so cool to see how many people were interested in our house. I had fun reading all the comments, but it was also hard because I wanted to respond to all of them! Unfortunately, commenting via facebook would not be the best way to stay anonymous :(

So, I just added a new FAQ page to clarify many of the questions I was reading. I hope it is helpful!

Later in the day, I found out we were also featured by Tiny House Talk! So welcome to all new visitors, I hope you can find a bit of inspiration here!

The thing I love about tiny house life is the freedom it gives us to make our living space into exactly what we want. It is so cool to see what others choose to make a priority or choose to sacrifice. Sometimes what is one person’s dealbreaker in a house is another person’s favorite thing. Love it.

Our house is still a work in progress and we have quite a few fun projects still to come. I hope you’ll continue to follow along in our journey!

All the best,

Interior Projects – Currently

I’ve been waiting to share interior photos until we get everything done. But then I realized if I waited until it was done, I would never post anything. Besides, this blog has been chronicling our process all along, so this is just another step in the process. But for some reason it still bothers me to post almost done stuff. Eeeek, we are so close. So what I decided to do is post some interior shots with a list of projects we still need to do. A little eye candy for you and a little to do list for me. :)

This area is probably my favorite in the house and is just about done. It just needs 2 curtains, doors over the lounge seating storage, a small computer shelf and a floating bookshelf.














Dining Room/Office
This is our office in “day-mode” with both table leaves folded out. This is where I work during the day. These are the curtains I sewed last weekend. So glad to get that glare off of my screen(s). Office area needs a bookshelf next to the door and another console/storage unit behind the closest chair (over the wheel well).














Another view of office with kitchen in view. We just got that black & white rug, and I think I want to order another one. My special window still needs trim and the front door needs another coat of paint and some curtains.














This is our office/dining area in “night mode” with everything tucked away. Much more space for cooking/walking. At some point, my computer won’t be there all the time (we’ll have it in the lounge for movies!) and we can use it more for dining.














Fair warning, this still needs quite a bit of help. We finally have our water working so we can do dishes and things, but we have no dish drainer so we are using a fruit basket for now (oh dear). I have that small frame and the blue jar that need some styling. I also have a clock that needs a home. The other dishes on the counter are B’s pottery that he just brought home. Need to figure out their final home.














Here you can see the remaining pieces of B’s pottery, as well as a sign and bottle opener that need to be attached to the exterior of tiny house. Our mail/filing station is also currently here, but will be moved once the bookshelf is built. The two boxes on top of the mail station are exterior bistro lights that need to be installed outside. The last box by the wall is B’s birthday present. I’m also considering a partial curtain for this window, but am not sure.














Another kitchen view. I’m excited to get everything in it’s place so we’ll have full use of that counter again.














Closet & Ladder
The closet has a matching curtain to keep people from seeing it’s closet-ness. It is where we store our clothes, shoes, laundry bag, sound system thingy, pantry items, reusable grocery bags, broom, and books. The books will move to the bookshelf once it’s built. We still need a better shoe storage solution in the closet.














I found it very hard to take pictures of the loft, but here’s the best ones :) First on the loft to do list is a new quilt and new pillowcases. These colors don’t go with our decor at all and I can’t wait for a new one. However, I think I’m going to make the quilt myself so it could be awhile before there’s a new one up here.

Another view of the loft.

View from up in the loft looking back towards the house. I love how light it is up here.

View of the interior from up in the loft.

Featured on Tiny House Swoon!

Our little house was featured today on Tiny House Swoon! That site is always a great source of inspiration for me, so it’s really cool to be on there.

If you’re new to our little blog, here are a few good posts to catch you up (from oldest to newest):
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Also, I’m currently putting together a huge post full of new interior shots for next week!


No Turning Back!

See you later old house!

On Saturday we signed the lease to our “big” house with our new renters! We are officially in the tiny house, with no option to go anywhere else (not that we’d want to). We celebrated on Saturday night with dinner and drinks in town and came back and watched a movie in the lounge. Sunday we did all sorts of tiny chores that somehow seem fun (will the novelty wear off?… probably). B washed all the windows. I vacuumed from top to bottom (it took like 10 minutes… amazing). I also hemed the lounge curtains and sewed another pair for our dining room window. 7 windows to go :)

I’m really excited to just be focusing on life here now and am looking forward to seeing what that freedom brings.