Tiny House Pillow

Since we’ve been living in tiny house, we’ve started doing more art. We are both artistic people, but there always seems to be something more pressing in our lives. But there are less distractions here and we’ve also made it a priority to spend more time creating. We found this amazing art guild about 15 minutes from our house that has an open studio on Monday nights. B spends his time at the pottery studio and I’ve been hitting up the fiber arts studio.

Having this extra time for me has resulted in discovering an interest in quilting. When reading through a quilting book, I saw a house block on a quilt and immediately thought TINY HOUSE! I’ve had a small pillow insert just waiting to be covered and I thought it would be perfect to create a mini version of our house for it.

Here it is in the lounge!

I’m still a newbie in terms of sewing, and had a lot of issues with this creation. Despite the frustrations with it, I had so much fun putting it together. I thought I’d show a couple pictures of the process in case anyone is interested.

Progression of the block

Front of pillow complete

I have a few more sewing projects to continue decorating the tiny house with (2 more pillows, curtains, and perhaps a quilt for our bed). I’ll continue to post them as I complete them.


6 thoughts on “Tiny House Pillow

  1. S, these turned out so great! Did you make the other pillows as well? I love that you two are doing more art. Is the shop over in Plain? So fun. I need to incorporate more hands on art projects into my weekly schedule…

    • Thanks so much E! I just made the tiny house one (I’m not that talented…yet, haha). The circle one was a Christmas gift from Haley and the other is from target. But I do have two more pillows planned that I will be making when I have time. Yes, art time is the best. It has made my week so much better, you should definitely do something hands on each week, it is very calming (at least for me) :)

  2. I have gathered and sketched and gathers some more. The things that I put on my want list are all the same designs – but you did such a REMARKABLE job! I’ve been putting off the leap until my old Golden crossed over rainbow bridge, but seeing your pup in the photo’s has given me new hope of Bella B and I doing this together! Question, what does your bath look like? Small shower and sink with composting toilet?

    Ya’ll have done a remarkable job! I am in South Louisiana now. I lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years and now back on the bayou…..not sure if I plan to stay here though. Where are ya’ll located!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Ruthie & Bella B

    • Hi Ruthie and Bella B!
      Thanks for the comment! We love having our dog in the house and I think you can do it :). He’s outside playing most of the day, so he just crashes in the nights so I don’t feel my space is infringed upon too much. We do not have a bathroom in the house. As much as I love living small, I just wasn’t into having that area so close to all of the other living areas. Our plan was to build a separate small structure for that – we are fortunate to have a large piece of land. However, our moved was timed in the middle of winter so we had to wait until things thawed out. However, we have gotten used to using our inlaws extra bathroom (they have a house nearby) so we haven’t rushed into building anything. But I’m hoping it will be a very small building with composting toilet and a shower.

      I would love to see your sketches when you have your plan worked out! All the best,

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