Living in the Tiny

We are now living (and working!) in our tiny house during the week, and then going back to our big house on the weekends to pack it up. So far it has been fantastic, with gorgeous mountain sunrises, snowshoe lunches, and lots of relaxing in the evenings.

We still have a small list of projects to complete before we will really feel settled in though. Things like having an actual ladder (instead of our current clunky metal one), adding storage, and getting cushions for the bench seats (ordered today!). We are hoping to make progress on a lot of project over this weekend.

Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve been up to. :)

One of our favorite things about living in tiny house is taking a break during lunch for a snowshoe.

We currently have an inflatable mattress in the loft until we have a non rainy time to move our mattress. The loft is nice and roomy and it is great to read up there before going to sleep.

View of the chandelier from the loft

Our fridge is installed. Yay! We still haven’t ordered our hot plate or counter top oven though, so not much cooking can happen until then.

After work last week, I did a mini project lining our kitchen drawers and cabinets. They are so cute, I don’t want to put anything in them!

This week I’m working on a great space saving project for our spices that I’ll share with you when I’m done!

Have a good week!

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