January Update

We just returned from a whirlwind month… Christmas, New Years, and a 2 week trip to Mexico for a (much needed) sun break. Now it’s time to get into gear and actually move out of our current house and into tiny.

After having some time to reflect on our build, here are a few things we’ve learned:
– Pick out your lighting early on. We weren’t really considering lighting size when we designed parts of the house and had to sacrifice a little style to make things work.
– While we love the look of our beadboard, we would not choose to use it again. It was difficult to work with, it warped in several places, and it was a huge pain to paint.
– Be prepared for sticker shock if you want cushions made for bench seating. It’s more expensive than buying a new couch in our case.
– We wish we would have planned out a better space for taking off rainy/snowy coats and boots.
– dormer windows were a huge pain to do, but are SO worth it in the extra space they give to the loft. I don’t think we’d be comfortable up there without them.
– Our front porch/overhang, while adorable, isn’t deep enough to actually protect us from the weather.

I’m sure there are other things I’ll think of. I’ll add them as I do.

It has been forever since I’ve taken any new photos, but I did find a few on my phone I haven’t shared yet. I really need to take my nice camera over and get some good interior shots.

Finishing up painting the loft

View of our kitchen. Hole near the top is where built in speaker has been added in. Empty space under the counter is for the fridge. Hopefully we’ll install the fridge this week… it’s been sitting in our house for over a month.

loft before staining and lighting. I wanted to do a light, muted brown stain and we had a very hard time finding that… so I just gave up…

… and chose this color. It looks really pretty, but is a little dark. However with our mattress in here with lighter colored bedding, it isn’t overwhelming.

lighting above dining area. I found a great black table with fold down sides at IKEA to go below the window.

Adding track lighting to the lounge area. It was so nice to get lighting installed so we could actually see while working on the house at night.

I got this great chandelier for tiny house on clearance. Yay!