Tiny House Update 11-11

It has been so long since I’ve had time to post pictures. Sorry! We’ve been splitting time between our current house and tiny house (about 1.5 hours away) and hurriedly trying to get it done. The snow has arrived, so B’s work is getting harder (and colder!). It has been difficult to always be packing and unpacking, and our nerves are a bit stretched. B has been making great progress though, so I’m trying to stay focused on the positive. Here are some pictures of the work we’ve done since moving it to it’s new home.

I am loving how tiny house looks in the snow. I should probably go ahead and make this my Christmas card.

Kitchen cabinets installed! The empty space is for the small fridge. We’re going to install butcher block countertops all the way across. A small sink will go under the window.

Bead board on the lounge ceiling replaced with dry wall. The bead board warped like crazy on the ceiling (but not on the loft ceiling..hmmm). It also warped where B used nails instead of staples. We replaced 2 wall panels as well. Lesson learned.

I picked out our flooring! We found the selection was way better at our local flooring store than at lowes. However, we chose a unknown brand and the warranty info is hard to find at best. Hopefully we won’t need it.

B working on window trim.

Window trim! It’s so exciting to see all the little details coming together.

Installing the flooring. This was surprisingly easy and fast. That’s the first time we’ve said that about a project!

Flooring complete. What is this, like an actual house or something?!

Door for the closet. aka point of contention. The closet isn’t deep enough for the door to completely open. It blocks too much potential storage space for my liking. We considered installing it so it opened out or removing the door completely. Scroll 2 pictures down to find out the answer :)

Baseboards. I like how B put trim around all sides of the wheel wells. It looks so cozy.

No closet door! We’re keeping it in storage in case we change our mind (B is leaving the door frame in there. I think we’ll do some kind of curtain. I will start the search for something that doesn’t look weird.

B installed a nice piece of wood across the loft end. We’re going to attach some kind of bar or hooks for our ladder onto this.

B installing the crown molding. Wearing anything warm he can find, even if it’s¬†obnoxiously¬†bright! Luckily we got the heater working and he is much warmer!

A view of B working on tiny house from the front. Our little porch is super slippery. Working in the snow is a whole new adventure!

B has the next 2 days off. The goal is to caulk everything and then prime the walls, ceiling panels, cabinets, and built in sofa. I need to figure out the final color scheme asap! Have a great week.