Tiny House Move

We made it!!!! Moving was really stressful and although everything went smoothly, I still get worked up thinking about it. So for now, here are some tiny house glamour shots I took on the drive. I’ll be sure to do another post with the move story and pictures soon. -S

12 thoughts on “Tiny House Move

  1. Just curious, where did you end up parking your tiny house? It is so cute; love the windows. I’ll bet it’s equally cute inside. Can’t wait for an update.

    • Hi Celene! We ended up parking our tiny house on a large piece of property up in the mountains. Our in-laws also have a house on it, so it’s a little family commune :) Hopefully I’ll have a post of interior photos up soon.

  2. Would love to see pictures of the inside! I didn’t know these Tiny Houses existed til recently. I’m impressed!

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