Tiny House Move

We made it!!!! Moving was really stressful and although everything went smoothly, I still get worked up thinking about it. So for now, here are some tiny house glamour shots I took on the drive. I’ll be sure to do another post with the move story and pictures soon. -S

Tomorrow is moving day!

B and I are both a little nervous, but the day has finally come… tiny house is going over the mountains to its new home!

The interior is not complete, but it’s supposed to start snowing this weekend, so we need to beat the weather. We’ll just take our time and finish it as soon as we can, but it will be a huge relief to at least have it moved.

We rented a big, strong truck today and B is doing all of the final preparations for tomorrow’s trip. Say a little prayer for us! -S

scenery change

B and I spent last weekend at our future home site instead of working on the house. It was really nice to take a break, but it also gave us a boost of energy and motivation to finish it up.

Our little dog could run forever here.