Last week was a very exciting week for me. I officially started working remotely for my job! I am loving my extra 2 hours a day I’m not commuting and having some extra time to help out with the house. I also had my last photography event for the summer so now my weekends are a little more free as well.

We had also picked a day to move the tiny house to it’s new home. However that whole area is dealing with massive forest fires so any plans we have on moving it are on hold. The highway we were going to use has been closed for days, so we really have no idea when we can get through safely. With B leaving the country for work soon, it might not be until the middle of October until we can move :( This has really been testing my patience, but I’m trying to have a positive attitude… trying.

It is easier to have patience while putting more work into the house. I definitely realize how long everything takes. So many details… B gives me easy tasks that take me forever. If it were up to me, this house would be done in about 3 years :)

Here’s our progress as of last weekend!!!

I picked out our front porch lights. Still deciding if I want to paint them.

I finished staining the front siding. I’m going to paint the corbels and under the eaves white. Waiting on a non rainy day for that.

B and I got all the ceiling panels up (B did the installing, I did the holding up). Still haven’t found the right light for the ceiling.

B finishing up the bead board in the loft.

view from the loft down into the dining area. We’re going to put some kind of moulding in the gap between the wall and ceiling panels.

Exterior view.

loft paneling complete… well installed anyway. still need to caulk and add trim.

Loving the beadboard and special window.


I also installed this door knob. The instructions were SO confusing but luckily it was pretty straightforward to just figure it out.

kitchen! holes above window are for the light and the speaker

view from the door. I am loving this more and more each day.


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