The pieces, at least the outdoor ones, are coming together

Oh hey friends, so sorry for my disappearance from the blog world lately. B and I have really hit the wall after working every day for the last 3 months. On top of that we are really feeling the push to get the tiny house completed enough to take over the mountain pass before any weather comes in. Needless to say we are already daydreaming about a vacation (next year) :)

We are holding a work party this weekend to make a big push to get things done. Very excited to see some friends we haven’t seen all summer and make some serious progress. Many hands make light work, right?!

It has been so long since I’ve posted pictures, so I’ll try to visually catch up here so I’ll be ready to post after our long working weekend :)

B installed one panel of our bead board. It comes already primed in white, so we’ll probably have to do just one more coat of primer before paint. yay! Just having that one panel up already changes the whole vibe of the house.

Wall panel from the front. The hole is for our built in speakers. B has been joking we’re building a giant portable sound system. Dance party!

I had a job in Oregon at the end of August, so we drove the route we’ll be towing tiny house. I took notes of things we might need to watch out for, but the route seemed pretty clear. I’m excited that we’re taking a lot of backroads and lesser used highways that are absolutely gorgeous.

On our way back from Oregon we stopped by the property where we’ll be parking tiny house. I was so tired that I didn’t take a picture, but I found one B’s dad had sent. This won’t be our exact view, but we’ll definitely have some nice tree and mountain views.

We were one day away from giving up on my special window and canceling the order. We had been debating on not having a window at all, or just putting in a boring ol’ square one. It was really depressing to think about. Luckily, we received word the window had finally arrived and the window place was nice enough to drop it off. Whenever the window people come by they always say things like, “oh I hope you guys get along… this is not very big” and give us weird looks. I enjoy that.

We were so excited to finally make progress on the front of the house. B did an amazing job installing the arched window.

B also did a great job with the trim around my special window. It is my favorite thing about our house.

Window and door installed. Cuteness factor increased!

The cedar siding went up fairly quickly. We already noticed a color difference between the siding we previously installed. Crazy sun. Hopefully it will all get stained this weekend and get some weather protection.

After a quick google search for corbels we decided this design was the easiest and still complemented the look of our house.

We used the tongue and groove pine under the eaves.

B nailing in the final piece under the eaves! You can also see the window trim up close. I can’t decide if we should stain it the same color as the house or do something different. I guess I can figure that out later :)

Front of the house with the battens… ready for caulking and then staining!

Now to get back to work! -S

5 thoughts on “The pieces, at least the outdoor ones, are coming together

  1. Wow the house is looking so gorgeous!!! Really impressed with your design. Especially the fancy window, that’s a nice touch. :) Does it open? Will you stain the house a natural color or dark like your inspiration pic? Have a great work weekend!

    • Thanks Pix! I just stare at that window all day.. I am in love :) It does not open, I looked everywhere to find something comparable that opened, but the quotes started at like $800. So it does not open, haha. We were really hoping to have something open there for a cross breeze but hopefully all our other windows will make up for it. Time will tell. We are doing a light grey stain. I love the weathered wood look. We’ve been having a hard time finding the right color stain, so I’m a little nervous. I didn’t want to leave it natural, but now that all the siding is up, it’s so nice I don’t want to mess it up :)

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  3. I think your front door with window above is my favourite Tiny house entrance. Have seen more than 100 so far.

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