Tiny Wardrobe

Whenever I started thinking about downsizing my wardrobe in preparation for moving into our tiny house, I just got overwhelmed. My wardrobe consists of just a bunch of random pieces I like individually and a lot of pieces don’t mix and match well. After doing some searches on what a basic women’s wardrobe should be I was even more confused. I spent a whole day googling and searching pinterest for inspiration for a minimalist wardrobe.

Then I found the site Project 333 and everything clicked. It’s basically paring down your wardrobe to 33 pieces (including shoes, jewelry, and outerwear… but not underwear, workout gear and house clothes). I really have no idea how much room this will take up but it seemed like a goal that was reachable and would still allow me to express my style. My starting goal is to get my wardrobe back to the basics and build from there. For example, I realized I had 4 patterned skirts that I only wear occasionally because they are so distinct, whereas I don’t have a plain black skirt that would get a lot more use.

I decided to have 24 year round pieces and then cycle in 9 other pieces each season. Some of those 9 pieces each season are the same (for example, black boots is one piece in fall, winter, and spring), but there are a few things that will be different each season (like a scarf and necklace) for variety and trendy-ness :). I haven’t added up the total amount of pieces but it is under 50. This will be interesting to have so few pieces as where we’re living has a very cold winter and a hot summer.

This past week, I boxed up everything that wasn’t on my list. It is pretty funny to see my basically empty closet and dresser. But I haven’t found I’m missing anything as of yet, and getting dressed is way easier with less options. I still have a few pieces that I don’t really like, but I’m planning on replacing them with something I love as I am able. I am also on the email list waiting for this AMAZING item, the Versalette, which could replace about 5 things on my list on it’s own. I cannot wait to get one!

Here is my initial brainstorm of my year round pieces:

Lounge love

I can’t believe the weekend is already over. B made some great progress finishing hanging the bead board panels in the closet and on the lounge ceiling. He also started building the lounge seating (with storage below). Here’s a few pictures of the seating project…

this is me testing out the width of the more “daybed” side of the seating. I wanted to make sure I would have plenty of room!

B and his trusty assistant… who is mostly just hoping B will play fetch

Nice wood bottom for storage area

I was VERY pushy in wanting the large side of the seating to be 30″ for adequate snuggling and guest sleeping.

Ready for some cushions… and then a nap.

Here I am testing my future favorite spot. Please ignore my outfit.


Last week was a very exciting week for me. I officially started working remotely for my job! I am loving my extra 2 hours a day I’m not commuting and having some extra time to help out with the house. I also had my last photography event for the summer so now my weekends are a little more free as well.

We had also picked a day to move the tiny house to it’s new home. However that whole area is dealing with massive forest fires so any plans we have on moving it are on hold. The highway we were going to use has been closed for days, so we really have no idea when we can get through safely. With B leaving the country for work soon, it might not be until the middle of October until we can move :( This has really been testing my patience, but I’m trying to have a positive attitude… trying.

It is easier to have patience while putting more work into the house. I definitely realize how long everything takes. So many details… B gives me easy tasks that take me forever. If it were up to me, this house would be done in about 3 years :)

Here’s our progress as of last weekend!!!

I picked out our front porch lights. Still deciding if I want to paint them.

I finished staining the front siding. I’m going to paint the corbels and under the eaves white. Waiting on a non rainy day for that.

B and I got all the ceiling panels up (B did the installing, I did the holding up). Still haven’t found the right light for the ceiling.

B finishing up the bead board in the loft.

view from the loft down into the dining area. We’re going to put some kind of moulding in the gap between the wall and ceiling panels.

Exterior view.

loft paneling complete… well installed anyway. still need to caulk and add trim.

Loving the beadboard and special window.


I also installed this door knob. The instructions were SO confusing but luckily it was pretty straightforward to just figure it out.

kitchen! holes above window are for the light and the speaker

view from the door. I am loving this more and more each day.


We’re a little backwards

We’re a little backwards.

A couple blocks away from us, a neighbor lives in his RV while his house is built.

For us, we’re living in a perfectly functional house, while a tiny house the size of an RV is built.

We’re a little backwards, and it’s going to be great.


Work Party Weekend!

Our work weekend was jam-packed full of projects. The first day, B installed light boxes for our front porch lights and a receptacle for outside power. The girls finished prepping and staining 3 of the 4 sides (just the front is remaining), and the boys installed the moisture/vapor barrier inside the house.

After our hard days work, we all headed to the river for a dip. Only the bravest of us went though (NOT me!)… it was absolutely ice cold. Then we played games and had an awesome BBQ. It was so nice to spend time with friends and I hope we’ll get lots of visitors after we move even farther away.

The next day I prepped the front for painting, while B built boxes around the trailer wheel wells. Then the Smith family arrived and they helped us install more of the bead board panels.

We realized we should have started installing the bead board on the ceiling before the main room, but it was too late by the time B realized it. His solution is to add a molding (maybe a smaller crown molding?) to the gap that will probably be created when we install the ceiling boards. We’ll see how that turns out.

I realized that I didn’t get any pictures of anyone working because I was too busy working! hahaha. I guess that’s a good problem to have. But I do really wish I had some evidence of all of our amazing friends and family who came out to help us.

But a HUGE thank you to B’s parents, D&H, my sister and her friend “the twizzler”, and the Smiths. We are so thankful for all of your help… we owe you one!

Here are a few pictures of our progress! We hope to take it to its new home sometime next week.

Paint prep. I spent many hours bonding with green Frog tape.

We decided to use a sprayer to apply the stain and while that was WAY faster than any other method, I would not do it again. It was really hard to get any kind of even coat. It was also really terrible to be exposed to those vapors.

Lounge side stained!

dining side view of the staining progress.

B cutting bead board panels for the lounge

current view into the lounge. The box around the wheel well is on the bottom left. We’re going to build shelving above most of it.

kitchen. It’s going to be so awesome to see it with lower cabinets and open shelving. I’m most excited to finish this area. (The piece of wood is going to be for helping to hold up the ceiling boards when we get to that part.)

View from the lounge. The closet is on the left. I still need to figure out how to set up shelving/organization for that area. It’s hard to know what to do when I haven’t decided what I’m bringing!

Next on the list is installing the bead board to the ceiling & loft and staining the front of the house.


The pieces, at least the outdoor ones, are coming together

Oh hey friends, so sorry for my disappearance from the blog world lately. B and I have really hit the wall after working every day for the last 3 months. On top of that we are really feeling the push to get the tiny house completed enough to take over the mountain pass before any weather comes in. Needless to say we are already daydreaming about a vacation (next year) :)

We are holding a work party this weekend to make a big push to get things done. Very excited to see some friends we haven’t seen all summer and make some serious progress. Many hands make light work, right?!

It has been so long since I’ve posted pictures, so I’ll try to visually catch up here so I’ll be ready to post after our long working weekend :)

B installed one panel of our bead board. It comes already primed in white, so we’ll probably have to do just one more coat of primer before paint. yay! Just having that one panel up already changes the whole vibe of the house.

Wall panel from the front. The hole is for our built in speakers. B has been joking we’re building a giant portable sound system. Dance party!

I had a job in Oregon at the end of August, so we drove the route we’ll be towing tiny house. I took notes of things we might need to watch out for, but the route seemed pretty clear. I’m excited that we’re taking a lot of backroads and lesser used highways that are absolutely gorgeous.

On our way back from Oregon we stopped by the property where we’ll be parking tiny house. I was so tired that I didn’t take a picture, but I found one B’s dad had sent. This won’t be our exact view, but we’ll definitely have some nice tree and mountain views.

We were one day away from giving up on my special window and canceling the order. We had been debating on not having a window at all, or just putting in a boring ol’ square one. It was really depressing to think about. Luckily, we received word the window had finally arrived and the window place was nice enough to drop it off. Whenever the window people come by they always say things like, “oh I hope you guys get along… this is not very big” and give us weird looks. I enjoy that.

We were so excited to finally make progress on the front of the house. B did an amazing job installing the arched window.

B also did a great job with the trim around my special window. It is my favorite thing about our house.

Window and door installed. Cuteness factor increased!

The cedar siding went up fairly quickly. We already noticed a color difference between the siding we previously installed. Crazy sun. Hopefully it will all get stained this weekend and get some weather protection.

After a quick google search for corbels we decided this design was the easiest and still complemented the look of our house.

We used the tongue and groove pine under the eaves.

B nailing in the final piece under the eaves! You can also see the window trim up close. I can’t decide if we should stain it the same color as the house or do something different. I guess I can figure that out later :)

Front of the house with the battens… ready for caulking and then staining!

Now to get back to work! -S