Colorful doors

Note about this post…. I wrote this awhile ago and then shared my door color ideas with B, which he did not like at all. So I was just going to delete the post. However, I am not convinced either way, so maybe if B sees the pretty pictures he’ll change his mind :)


Getting to pick out everything single thing when building a house is a blessing and a curse. I (of course) love the freedom to make everything just how I want it, but it has also brought out a very indecisive part of me that is annoying. I have questioned our layout about 100 times, and even asked B if he could take our closet out (that he had just put in)… Yah. The closet is staying and I’m trying to make decisions and not look back.

One of the decisions I’m really excited about is the color of the door. I have always wanted to have a colorful door and now I get to have one in any color that I want! I had thought I wanted red to go along with the roof, but now I’m thinking a blue one would be great with the grey siding and the red roof.

Here’s my latest inspiration for door colors :)
(click on photo for link to source)

Electrical and Plumbing

“He’s heating up!” Who remembers when the announcer on Jordan vs Bird would say that after you hit a few shots in a row? Ok, maybe it is just me who still quotes nintendo games from 1988. Well that phrase and the excitement it brought my six year old self pretty much sums up our life right now. We are getting closer and closer to getting tiny house done and preparing to move. Hooray!! I could not be more excited for that part, I wish it was today.

B has been hard at work on the electrical and plumbing. We were blessed to have a few people who had a lot of knowledge on how to do that stuff that were able to stop by over the weekend. B has learned a ton as well. Maybe at some point he could write some more how-tos on it, but I really can’t say much about it. But I can post pictures of our progress and kind of blabber about stuff I know nothing about. :)

Oh….I don’t know if I’ve mentioned about our electrical and plumbing plans, but we decided to hook up to electricity as it is incredibly cheap where we are moving. If we were to decide to move it somewhere else and live there more long term, we’ll probably look into ways to make it more self-sufficient, but for now, it made sense to just hook up to electricity. For plumbing, we created an area in the house where a bathroom could be added in the future (we’ll use it as a closet), but we’re not putting one in now. I really didn’t like the idea of having a bathroom so close all of my living spaces (kitchen, living room, dining room). So we decided that once we’re moved, we’ll make a decision on some kind of out building with a toilet (compostable, outhouse, or something). So basically the only plumbing we’ll have is to the kitchen sink for basic stuff like rinsing dishes and handwashing.

Now here’s the exciting part, pictures!

The interior shell. We are just about ready to start insulating.

This is the kitchen, where most of our wiring is located. On the left, you can also see the start of the plumbing for our sink.

Here’s a close up of the sink plumbing. On the left is our winter water which will come from the water storage up in our closet. On the right is our summer water which will come from a hose into the house.

One of our outlets. I need to find some cute covers for these (yes, that’s what I think about)

Here you can see our heater (runs on electricity and is built into the wall).

Our thermostat! I really like it because you can set it to stop heating when it gets to a certain temperature. I’m really interested to see when during the year we will use it and when we won’t. By the time we move, it will probably be in use a lot since winter will just be around the corner.

above the window is a place for one of our lounge lights.

Hard to see, but in the upper corner is the wiring for our built in speakers!

Up to the loft! We’re each having a light of some kind on our side of the bed. We also have our own light switches and outlets. His and hers!

View of the upper closet from the loft. This is where our winter water storage will be and that will run down to the sink.

View from the loft outside. After next weekend, this wall will have my special window and the door installed! Also, in dog news…if you look closely at the picture you can see a black streak which is my dog sprinting back and forth. He really wanted to go into tiny house with me! I’ve been bringing him in but he is so scared of it! I’m trying to have him smell stuff to get used to it. It’s his home too!

Here’s the housing for my chandelier. Now only to find a chandelier that I like.

View from the loft down into the closet. Our water storage tank arrived so I put it in the closet for B to find :)

B tested all of the electrical and it is all working! I was very impressed. We still need to test the plumbing but that should be happening soon.


Another quick siding update

Hi friends, here’s another quick (mostly pictures) post of our weekend progress. Things have been crazy busy around here, but B has all the siding up except for the front (still waiting for my special window to arrive)! This weekend will mostly be interior work, which will be a change… and one I’m very excited about!

All the battens ready to go up

Lovely cedar boards ready for their battens

trim, trim, trim

One side done, now we just need to put the stain on

Lounge side view.