Time for some power!

B’s dad spent all of Friday helping us with the electrical work. We don’t have any experience with that part, so it was SO nice to have his expertise. It was really fun to walk through and decide where we wanted outlets, lights, and light switches.

This is the wiring for the kitchen.

On Saturday, B started working on our closet. It is weird because we’ve been so used to having the entire interior open (and it looked SO spacious), but now as we’re starting to fill it up, it looks so different. I just need to get used to it :)

We decided to extend the closet all the way to the ceiling. We’re going to put a water container in the top section to be able to use gravity for water pressure in the sink.

Sunday, B started on the loft floor! Our friend D dropped by to lend a hand.

Legs from above!

As promised, here’s the (mostly) finished deck. We still need to add the sides and decide on a stain color.

Next up, we need to wrap the house to get ready for windows and siding. Our windows arrive tomorrow. We are SO excited to get those in.

2 thoughts on “Time for some power!

  1. Great progress, guys! Your loft floor looks really nice.
    I like your idea of putting a potable water tank up high in the closet, to give you gravity fed water at the sink. I’ll have to write that down for future reference.
    I’m hoping to get my roof panels finished this weekend.
    All the best,

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