Action packed weekend

We had another 3 day weekend full of building. Over the course of the week, we had put up all the sheathing on the walls, so we were ready to start framing the dormer windows in the loft, extending the roof over the porch, and sheathing the roof. And as a bonus, it stopped raining! After a full week of rain, it was nice to get a break.

(thanks to B for putting in the captions for most of these. Obviously, he knows the technical details way better than I do!)

The daily task of pulling off the temporary tarp.

Rafter layout. Took some time to learn how to do this. Get your angle and your hypotenuse,  subtract the ridge board, add on the rafter tails. Scribe your angles etc. Professionals can write about this much better than this amateur, but I can say that having a CAD program like Google SketchUp helps a lot.

Gable end overhang. Ideally we wanted to frame the full 29″ of the front porch but with the design snow load of 130 psf this is just not do-able, so we did 16″ (we are trying to keep the build as simple and strong as possible).  Corbels will be on either side, and the two-by-four supports are 16″ O/C.

Dormer framing. It added a lot of work and special rafters but it also adds a lot of space. One can easily sit up throughout the loft area.

Continuing the sheathing. We’re using 3/8″ OSB rated Exposure 1. Some people find marine grade plywood for this — $7 a sheet for OSB already rated to withstand short term moisture is a no-brainer. All panels were glued with construction adhesive then screwed in every 12″. Keeping the courses parallel to the ridge is a good idea, and leave 1/8″ gaps between panels to allow for expansion.

Teamwork on the roof sheathing. Definitely a two person job at least for the first course of full sheets.

PITA. Project’s biggest risk exposure so far has been putting on the roof sheathing.

Gable end framing for the loft and opposing wall will come soon!

B’s parents came over for a quick tour and snapped this picture of us in our loft! Our first picture together in tiny house.

Next on the list… order the metal roofing and the windows. They take a couple weeks to come in, so we really need to get on that.

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  1. it’s coming together so beautifully, i’m really happy for you guys! you are making quick work of things…. excited to see how the finished product looks with the roof extending over the porch, I really like that design. bravo!

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