Action packed weekend

We had another 3 day weekend full of building. Over the course of the week, we had put up all the sheathing on the walls, so we were ready to start framing the dormer windows in the loft, extending the roof over the porch, and sheathing the roof. And as a bonus, it stopped raining! After a full week of rain, it was nice to get a break.

(thanks to B for putting in the captions for most of these. Obviously, he knows the technical details way better than I do!)

The daily task of pulling off the temporary tarp.

Rafter layout. Took some time to learn how to do this. Get your angle and your hypotenuse,  subtract the ridge board, add on the rafter tails. Scribe your angles etc. Professionals can write about this much better than this amateur, but I can say that having a CAD program like Google SketchUp helps a lot.

Gable end overhang. Ideally we wanted to frame the full 29″ of the front porch but with the design snow load of 130 psf this is just not do-able, so we did 16″ (we are trying to keep the build as simple and strong as possible).  Corbels will be on either side, and the two-by-four supports are 16″ O/C.

Dormer framing. It added a lot of work and special rafters but it also adds a lot of space. One can easily sit up throughout the loft area.

Continuing the sheathing. We’re using 3/8″ OSB rated Exposure 1. Some people find marine grade plywood for this — $7 a sheet for OSB already rated to withstand short term moisture is a no-brainer. All panels were glued with construction adhesive then screwed in every 12″. Keeping the courses parallel to the ridge is a good idea, and leave 1/8″ gaps between panels to allow for expansion.

Teamwork on the roof sheathing. Definitely a two person job at least for the first course of full sheets.

PITA. Project’s biggest risk exposure so far has been putting on the roof sheathing.

Gable end framing for the loft and opposing wall will come soon!

B’s parents came over for a quick tour and snapped this picture of us in our loft! Our first picture together in tiny house.

Next on the list… order the metal roofing and the windows. They take a couple weeks to come in, so we really need to get on that.


My main contribution to this project is all of the interior design. I would like to think that is just as important as the build, but I think that is just wishful thinking, haha. My latest project has been deciding on windows. We have standard size openings for the windows so I was hoping maybe I could find something on craigslist, but so far that hasn’t happened. Since we will be moving the house to the mountains, it is really important that they are able to withstand extreme temperatures. I think fiberglass windows might be our best bet, but I’m not sure if they’ll be in the realm of our budget. More research needed.

But the big debate is the style of window. I really the look of windows with panes. They are so charming and add instant character. However B likes plain windows as to not disrupt the views (and we will have amazing views from tiny house).

What do you think?


Weekend in Review

This weekend is pretty much a complete blur. I am having a hard time remembering where we started and where we finished. I know we’ve been making progress though because this weekend almost everyone driving by slowed WAY down. A lot more of our neighbors have stopped by to see what we are up to as well. As we continue to build, I think we are going to draw a lot more attention than we expected.

I believe it was Saturday morning when B asked me what kind of door I wanted. He was putting together the framing for the wall with the door. We wanted a 32×80 door, however we quickly realized the size of the door and door frame isn’t the same for every door of that size. So we jumped in the car to buy our exact door. It was a little scary because it’s the first purchase that affects the look of the house (my department). Of course, this is the one thing I didn’t take a picture of, but I’ll get one up soon.

After that, the last wall frame went up quickly and B went right into putting the loft frame in. Poor B smashed his finger with a hammer so we have some nice blood remnants on the framing. So far we’ve had blood and sweat…no tears yet, but I’m not ruling that out! I am becoming skilled at wrapping wounds, an unexpected job on this project. I had to work most of Saturday, so I’m not exactly sure what B finished because he was basically asleep when I got home at 9pm. I’m guessing he was getting the wood and making cuts for the roof frame. But I really need to get him to write a post. hint hint B!

Sunday was all about the roof. Luckily B’s bro was able to come by and help. Thanks little bro! It was definitely a two person job. B started making cuts and figuring everything out at 8am and he was wrapping the tarp around the roof at around 7pm. So the roof frame was definitely a FULL day process. We need to order our metal roofing soon. We are leaning towards a red roof!

All in all, I think we are making pretty quick work of this so far. The sooner we get done, the sooner we can start renting out our house and free up a little cash! I need to get back to my landlording research and stop looking at tiny houses all day online :)

We have been so fortunate to have friends and family who are willing to help. And I would just like to give a shout out to B for his impressive building skills. It is almost of 6th anniversary and I had no idea how good he is at this stuff. He’s had to learn a lot along the way, but I’m continuously amazed at what he’s able to do.

Now for the pictures!

4th wall is up! B starts on the loft frame.

all four walls. so hot.

B working on our future loft

Our door frame looks giant!

Little bro in the loft. He was a huge help with the roof framing.

Raise the roof (I definitely did the hand motions as they literally raised the roof)


Getting it right

There it is!

View from the other side. We are doing dormer windows in the loft, so that’s why there’s a space there for now.

It’s starting to look like a house!

Hooray for days off!

B took Friday off from work to make some more progress on the house. It was supposed to rain all day (boo), but it held off for the most part (yay). We have been spoiled for help lately, but yesterday it was just us, and I am pretty much no help. However, I am proud to say I helped lift the 2nd and 3rd walls AND I hammered a couple times. :)

It was so cool to stand inside. It’s the first time I could actually see where stuff was going to be and I loved it. I pretended to cook. I pretended to eat. I pretended to hang out in our “lounge.” It’s crazy to take something you sketched out and then experience it in reality. I can’t wait to live in it!

Thanks to B’s hard work all day, we are making great progress. I am excited to see what we are able to get done this weekend!

2nd wall up! Our make-shift rain tent is almost like a roof :)

B putting the finishing touches on the third wall

My job was making sure this drill bit didn’t get lost. Ok, I admit it, I just wanted to have a picture of me helping :)

Third wall up to complete our “lounge”