Weekend progress

While the weather was a bit more rainy than we would have liked, we got a lot done over the long weekend! A special thank you to B’s Dad and our awesome friend D for coming over to help. We could not have gotten anywhere near as much done without them!

Get ready for some pictures… It’s so fun to see how much progress we made this weekend.

Our starting point… installing the flashing on the trailer.

Getting the floor framing prepped (our dog has started trying to photo bomb every picture!)

B’s dad helping lay the floor frame.

Here it is all laid out! Starting to take shape!

Making sure everything is secure. Probably a good idea.

This is the insulation we used. It was cool because it is made of recycled materials and it can be recycled. It also doesn’t have any toxins or chemicals that leak out!

Insulation installed! B got a sunburn from the reflection off the insulation. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, but it was a good reminder to wear sunscreen while working!

Almost a floor..

Looking good! We should just sleep on this :)

I went on one of many lumber runs this weekend. I was the designated counter of boards…an invaluable service, haha.

Referencing the plans. Did I mention we finally got the plans solidified?! YES!

Working area under the carport

Cutest photo bomb ever

B and D framing the walls

Looking out the window. Oh hey D!

One wall up!

2 thoughts on “Weekend progress

  1. So awesome to see your progress! Do you guys have construction experience? Looks like it is going so quickly, it’s wonderful! Congrats, will keep watching happily.

    • Thank you! My husband has a little bit of construction experience. He helped his parents when they built a house and we have a very old house that he’s had to do a lot of renovating on. But it’s the first time we’ve ever tackled something from start to finish, so it’s been a lot of reading and you tube :)

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