Weekend progress

While the weather was a bit more rainy than we would have liked, we got a lot done over the long weekend! A special thank you to B’s Dad and our awesome friend D for coming over to help. We could not have gotten anywhere near as much done without them!

Get ready for some pictures… It’s so fun to see how much progress we made this weekend.

Our starting point… installing the flashing on the trailer.

Getting the floor framing prepped (our dog has started trying to photo bomb every picture!)

B’s dad helping lay the floor frame.

Here it is all laid out! Starting to take shape!

Making sure everything is secure. Probably a good idea.

This is the insulation we used. It was cool because it is made of recycled materials and it can be recycled. It also doesn’t have any toxins or chemicals that leak out!

Insulation installed! B got a sunburn from the reflection off the insulation. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, but it was a good reminder to wear sunscreen while working!

Almost a floor..

Looking good! We should just sleep on this :)

I went on one of many lumber runs this weekend. I was the designated counter of boards…an invaluable service, haha.

Referencing the plans. Did I mention we finally got the plans solidified?! YES!

Working area under the carport

Cutest photo bomb ever

B and D framing the walls

Looking out the window. Oh hey D!

One wall up!

Weekend Goals

B’s dad is coming over this morning to help work on the house! It will be great to have another set of hands, and someone who has a lot of building experience. It’s been a frustrating weather week (SO much rain) and B’s been primarily working under cover. We’ve been waiting for a sunny streak in order to caulk around the aluminum flashing (I think that’s what B said… haha, I should probably have him write a post on what he’s been up to).

By the end of the long weekend, the goal is to have all the flooring done, and maybe even have the walls up!

B’s weekend progress and house plans!

While I was outside socializing and getting my tan on (oh, and wheeling and dealing), B was inside working on putting our house plans into SketchUp. This is the third set of house plans we’ve designed overall, so I think B is pretty much a sketchup pro (and ready to start swinging a hammer).

I was super excited to come home from working yesterday to see that the plans are done and B started working on the trailer!

B cut the metal bar off of the front and started prepping everything for the subfloor process. Hopefully the weather will improve soon so B doesn’t have to keep working in the rain.

Post Garage Sale

Our garage sale over the weekend went pretty well! We made enough money to buy some materials for tiny house, so that makes it worth it. It’s pretty amazing to view your stuff when you put everything out on the lawn. The only downside is we still have enough stuff to do another garage sale entirely!

The best part of it was totally unexpected: we met almost all of our neighbors! All of us in our neighborhood say “good morning” and all of that, but we all kind of keep to ourselves. It turns out, our neighbors are pretty awesome and we’ve missed out on years of dinners and drinks on the porch :( We’re thinking about having some kind of neighborhood event now before we move.

Getting rid of everything you own

… or just most of it. Like I said in my previous post, I’ve been anxious about getting rid of a lot of my possessions. My head tells me that it is just stuff, but my heart tells me I’m getting rid of memories I won’t get back. I also tend to say things to myself like “I want to show this to my kids” (btw I don’t have any yet), or have some strange future use for things I just haven’t thought of yet (what if I need to throw a swanky dinner party for 20 people?).

I’ve been looking online for encouragement, inspiration, and a little guidance on doing a serious life de-clutter. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

Getting Rid of Almost Everything You Own in a Few Easy Steps – Nicole Faires

The 10 steps to get your wardrobe to where you want it to be – The Everyday Minimalist

Letting Go of Sentimental Items – The Minimalists

How To Sell All Of Your Stuff – Never Ending Voyage

100 Days of Less

Are there any other good ones I’m missing? I would love to hear what’s worked for other people.

And here’s my progress pile of stuff to sell in the kitchen. I’m off to go carry it all outside…

Garage Sale Weekend

One of my many fun, but hardly used items... vintage picnic basket! Anyone want this beauty? :)

Time to put my tiny house money where my living simply mouth is. Ummm… or something like that. This weekend will probably be the toughest for me in this tiny house process, selling most of our stuff. I come from a collecting family and I have a hard time letting anything go. It’s going to be really hard, but I know that it will be worth it.

I’m just going to keep saying this quote over and over:
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
-William Morris

Land of layouts

It’s safe to say the house layout has been on my mind. Most of my dreams now consist of rearranging furniture. It’s really scary to make a final decision. I think any mistake in a tiny house is much more meaningful because there is so little wiggle room. I’m not the most decisive person, so this is really pushing me. But I think part of this process is to push ourselves so I better get used to it :)

Here’s my current favorite layout. It sacrifices storage for a more “home” feel. We decided that if we weren’t going to feel comfortable and at home in our house, all the storage in the world wasn’t going to make that right.

Let the Great Experiment Begin!

(note: Arrested Development fans… please read the post headline in the voice of Tobias Funke)

Big news… drum roll please… We have a trailer!!! It is a low profile 7×18 Outlaw trailer. We purchased it a dealer a couple hours from our house. Here’s B at the dealership getting everything hitched up and ready to go!

B had never driven a trailer that large before so the drive home was a bit scary, but it pulled really well. We hit an obstacle when we got home though. Our driveway has a pretty acute curve and on either side of the entrance there are obstacles… a giant USPS mail drop and an electrical pole. After a few tries at backing it in, we gave up and pulled it in. We had the idea that we could probably turn it ourselves.

So we unhitched the trailer and spent the next 20 minutes pushing and pulling and turning that sucker until we got it turned around. Not our finest work, but the job is done :)

Trailer Search

Since we’ve decided to build a more moveable house, we have been on Craigslist every day looking for a trailer. We’ve discovered that it is really difficult to find exactly what we’re looking for. Apparently used 8×18 trailers that are in good condition are not easy to find around here.

Two days ago we found a new one that looked like it would be perfect, but it is a bit over our budget for the trailer portion of our build. We’re planning on taking a look at it Saturday.

Could this be the start of our new home??