Tiny House Life Update

When I first started this blog I always told myself I’d keep posting after we moved in. A lot of tiny house blogs seem to just diminish after their project is complete. I always wanted to hear what life was like and how the people were doing.

BUT I failed at my own promises. Tiny house life seems so exotic when you’re on the outside, but everyday life now just seems normal… and a little boring. It’s hard to think of anything to post. “I worked for 8 hours today, made dinner, read a book, and went to bed… all in a tiny house.” Boring, right?!!

However, I thought I would pop in and at least give a bit of an update of what we’ve been up to. Day to day life might seem pretty mundane, but there have been some pretty big changes. The most recent has been I put in my notice at my work, so pretty soon I will be free from the 9-5! Moving into our house was a BIG reason I was able to do this. We’ve been able to save more money and open up room in our budget for this to happen. YAY!!

Another wonderful thing that has happened recently was we were able to meet a few other tiny house folks in the area. We had never seen another tiny house in person and it was so cool to tour a few others. Probably not surprising, we have quite a bit in common. I have plans for a tiny house get together at our place soon.

As far as projects go, we haven’t accomplished a whole bunch. We were pretty burned out so are taking some time off. I’m guessing in the Spring, we’ll really work on completely finishing up the interior, which is mostly just some shelving and a bookcase. We did finish the doors for the lounge seating storage and I have sewed 3 more curtains for the windows. I snapped a quick pic this morning so you can see. This is a typical Saturday morning…

I’ve been thinking about how to do Christmas in the tiny house. This will be our first and we left all our decorations in storage. I’m thinking about some white lights and maybe some garland to give it a festive feel. Maybe some time on Pinterest is in order :)

Hope all is well with you! Happy belated Thanksgiving from us! S & B

That time I saw my house on Facebook and FAQs!

It is a weird experience to be browsing Facebook and then see a picture of your own house! I was taken aback for a second and then excited to see our house featured by Tiny House Design.

It was so cool to see how many people were interested in our house. I had fun reading all the comments, but it was also hard because I wanted to respond to all of them! Unfortunately, commenting via facebook would not be the best way to stay anonymous :(

So, I just added a new FAQ page to clarify many of the questions I was reading. I hope it is helpful!

Later in the day, I found out we were also featured by Tiny House Talk! So welcome to all new visitors, I hope you can find a bit of inspiration here!

The thing I love about tiny house life is the freedom it gives us to make our living space into exactly what we want. It is so cool to see what others choose to make a priority or choose to sacrifice. Sometimes what is one person’s dealbreaker in a house is another person’s favorite thing. Love it.

Our house is still a work in progress and we have quite a few fun projects still to come. I hope you’ll continue to follow along in our journey!

All the best,

Interior Projects – Currently

I’ve been waiting to share interior photos until we get everything done. But then I realized if I waited until it was done, I would never post anything. Besides, this blog has been chronicling our process all along, so this is just another step in the process. But for some reason it still bothers me to post almost done stuff. Eeeek, we are so close. So what I decided to do is post some interior shots with a list of projects we still need to do. A little eye candy for you and a little to do list for me. :)

This area is probably my favorite in the house and is just about done. It just needs 2 curtains, doors over the lounge seating storage, a small computer shelf and a floating bookshelf.














Dining Room/Office
This is our office in “day-mode” with both table leaves folded out. This is where I work during the day. These are the curtains I sewed last weekend. So glad to get that glare off of my screen(s). Office area needs a bookshelf next to the door and another console/storage unit behind the closest chair (over the wheel well).














Another view of office with kitchen in view. We just got that black & white rug, and I think I want to order another one. My special window still needs trim and the front door needs another coat of paint and some curtains.














This is our office/dining area in “night mode” with everything tucked away. Much more space for cooking/walking. At some point, my computer won’t be there all the time (we’ll have it in the lounge for movies!) and we can use it more for dining.














Fair warning, this still needs quite a bit of help. We finally have our water working so we can do dishes and things, but we have no dish drainer so we are using a fruit basket for now (oh dear). I have that small frame and the blue jar that need some styling. I also have a clock that needs a home. The other dishes on the counter are B’s pottery that he just brought home. Need to figure out their final home.














Here you can see the remaining pieces of B’s pottery, as well as a sign and bottle opener that need to be attached to the exterior of tiny house. Our mail/filing station is also currently here, but will be moved once the bookshelf is built. The two boxes on top of the mail station are exterior bistro lights that need to be installed outside. The last box by the wall is B’s birthday present. I’m also considering a partial curtain for this window, but am not sure.














Another kitchen view. I’m excited to get everything in it’s place so we’ll have full use of that counter again.














Closet & Ladder
The closet has a matching curtain to keep people from seeing it’s closet-ness. It is where we store our clothes, shoes, laundry bag, sound system thingy, pantry items, reusable grocery bags, broom, and books. The books will move to the bookshelf once it’s built. We still need a better shoe storage solution in the closet.














I found it very hard to take pictures of the loft, but here’s the best ones :) First on the loft to do list is a new quilt and new pillowcases. These colors don’t go with our decor at all and I can’t wait for a new one. However, I think I’m going to make the quilt myself so it could be awhile before there’s a new one up here.

Another view of the loft.

View from up in the loft looking back towards the house. I love how light it is up here.

View of the interior from up in the loft.

Featured on Tiny House Swoon!

Our little house was featured today on Tiny House Swoon! That site is always a great source of inspiration for me, so it’s really cool to be on there.

If you’re new to our little blog, here are a few good posts to catch you up (from oldest to newest):
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Also, I’m currently putting together a huge post full of new interior shots for next week!


No Turning Back!

See you later old house!

On Saturday we signed the lease to our “big” house with our new renters! We are officially in the tiny house, with no option to go anywhere else (not that we’d want to). We celebrated on Saturday night with dinner and drinks in town and came back and watched a movie in the lounge. Sunday we did all sorts of tiny chores that somehow seem fun (will the novelty wear off?… probably). B washed all the windows. I vacuumed from top to bottom (it took like 10 minutes… amazing). I also hemed the lounge curtains and sewed another pair for our dining room window. 7 windows to go :)

I’m really excited to just be focusing on life here now and am looking forward to seeing what that freedom brings.


Sunday Evening Portrait

It really doesn’t get much better than this. After a long weekend working on our big house (which is 99% ready to rent!), it was so nice to return to our tiny house in the mountains. Our stress levels immediately went down after a few minutes in the lounge.

Oh and notice the curtains! Summer has come early here and tiny house was really heating up during the day. We are hoping that blocking some of that sunlight during the heat of the day will help keep our house cool. We only had time to hang one set (that still need to be hemmed), but the majority of sunlight comes through those back windows so I’ve already noticed a big difference.

Have a great week!

Tiny House Pillow

Since we’ve been living in tiny house, we’ve started doing more art. We are both artistic people, but there always seems to be something more pressing in our lives. But there are less distractions here and we’ve also made it a priority to spend more time creating. We found this amazing art guild about 15 minutes from our house that has an open studio on Monday nights. B spends his time at the pottery studio and I’ve been hitting up the fiber arts studio.

Having this extra time for me has resulted in discovering an interest in quilting. When reading through a quilting book, I saw a house block on a quilt and immediately thought TINY HOUSE! I’ve had a small pillow insert just waiting to be covered and I thought it would be perfect to create a mini version of our house for it.

Here it is in the lounge!

I’m still a newbie in terms of sewing, and had a lot of issues with this creation. Despite the frustrations with it, I had so much fun putting it together. I thought I’d show a couple pictures of the process in case anyone is interested.

Progression of the block

Front of pillow complete

I have a few more sewing projects to continue decorating the tiny house with (2 more pillows, curtains, and perhaps a quilt for our bed). I’ll continue to post them as I complete them.


March Update

*Warning… this post is going to be a long update, grab your drink of choice and settle in*

Yes, yes, I am fully aware that it is almost the end of April and I’m just getting around to uploading my pictures from March. I would like to say this is because we have been out having fun, but sadly that is not the case. We have spent most of the month prepping our big house to be rented out. Hours and hours of scrubbing, painting, yardwork, carrying heavy things, etc., but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Once that huge project is done, I’m hoping we can complete the last of our tiny house projects and finally get officially settled in.

I don’t want to sound all negative though, we have been enjoying our evenings in tiny house¬†immensely. Our lounge is the most comfortable thing in the world for dinner and movie nights. There is also much less rain here than where we were previously living, which has been a nice change of pace. Last week we had snow in the morning, but by the end of this week, it will be in the low 70’s. Amazing. Finally time to switch out my snow boots for my sandals. YES!

We are quickly approaching the one year anniversary of when we started this (insert adjective here… crazy?) project. I stumbled across these photos of when we were in the beginning stages. I can’t believe I’m sitting in our (almost) completed house less than a year later writing this blog post.

Now onto more current pictures… We have our lounge cushions! I feel like I’ve been talking about them for forever and we finally got them! Since our built in seating was a custom size, we knew we’d have to have something made for us. And while I enjoy sewing, I wasn’t up for such a big task. We ordered them online from Cushion Source and could not be happier.

I decided on a charcoal grey and plan on adding in a bunch of colorful pillows to give that area some color. I also did end up ordering 2 back bolsters and covering them with fabric so we’d have something to lean against. I just have 3 more pillows to make until the seating area is finished. I’m so antsy to post pictures of the completed area!

Here is a sneak peek though of one of the pillows I’m designing. It’s a pillow replica of our house. I had a blast researching house quilt blocks and sketching it out.

Another project I’ve been working on is my fridge spice magnets:

I saw something similar on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect space saver. I ordered 2 1/2″ tins online and then found a free download of these cute labels. A few minutes in photoshop and some sticker paper were all that was needed to create the labels.

Then, I glued (several) magnets to the back, filled with spices, and BOOM! No more spices in the cupboard. And they look adorable. The hardest part was narrowing down which spices to include. I decided on 22 basics that I use often. If a recipe calls for something else, I’ve been buying the exact amount from the store’s bulk spice section and that has worked out perfectly so far.

I’ve also been working from the tiny house 3 days a week. It has been wonderful to pull the table up to the lounge and have a large work area. And when I need a break, I can just bird watch from the window or take a quick walk. I was nervous that working in tiny house would make it less relaxing during other times of the day, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

I have been meaning to write about our interior paint for quite awhile. I think it’s one of the most important interior decisions and really changes the vibe of a house. I love color and I had originally planned on at least having some color on the walls. But with the size of the house, all of greenery outside, and with the accessories I knew we’d be bringing in, I decided to keep it all white. However, once I started researching the perfect white paint I quickly realized there were a lot of options.

I decided to go with a Benjamin Moore paint because I had read a lot of good reviews and it was in our budget… Who knew paint could be so expensive! I settled on my favorite 7 swatches and hung them up on the wall. I would check them throughout the day with different lighting. I was super serious about this. But then I found the perfect one:

I absolutely LOVE how it looks in the house. We painted everything that color… ceiling, walls, trim, kitchen cabinets, etc. It is not too bright and while I think it leans to the green side of white, it feels very warm. My only issues with the paint are that it dried way too quickly while painting and it scuffs easily. However, it is very easily to clean so that is nice.

Another project we tackled in March was moving our mattress to tiny. We had been sleeping on an inflatable mattress since January and we finally were at the point in our move (and weather) that we could move our real mattress. It was so nice to get the inflatable out of there and prep the loft for the real mattress.

What we didn’t plan on was that our measurements of the loft opening were much tighter than we thought, so we really had to bend and maneuver to get it in. Not to mention it was super heavy and awkward to move. I was in the loft pulling and B was on the ground floor, pushing the mattress over his head. I don’t think we’ll be moving it again for awhile. :)

I also had time a few weeks ago to start organizing our cabinets and our closet. We still are nowhere near done, but I really like how our upper cabinet is shaping up. I’m hoping to keep it this uncluttered in the future, but I doubt that will happen. haha. And we have a special stash of things in the upper left for visitors :)

Here’s the first picture of our tiny house with the snow melted. I think my mother in law is going to plant lavender around the trailer. Cute right?!

And lastly, my dog and unofficial mascot of everything I do turned 4 in March. I take his portrait every year on his birthday and this is the one for this year.

Thanks for reading friends! Have a great rest of April.


Since we’ve moved into tiny house we’ve been using a big metal ladder to access the loft. It was always meant to be a temporary solution, but it stayed around longer than we thought because we couldn’t decide where to put our future ladder. We wanted something that would be out of the way but easily accessible. We debated several ideas: storing it under the loft (on the lounge ceiling), something retractable from the loft area, storing it in the closet, and even thought about just leaving it out in the open.

During our trip to Mexico, the hinges on the armoire in our room inspired the solution. We attached the ladder against the wall using hinges so we can pull it out when we need it. It is a little more difficult to get up and down because it is so vertical, but it isn’t terrible. We stained it the same color as the loft and I really like how it fits into our house.

I think B did a great job building it. Who knew he could build a ladder?! Here are a few pictures from the day we installed it. Please excuse the mess, we are still working on building our storage areas for stuff.

B installing the ladder stop. We just move the peg and push the ladder back against the wall when we are done.

Ladder in open position

ladder against wall

View of ladder from lounge area. Also our dog is afraid of the swiffer.

Next up on the project list… lounge cushions!!! They have arrived, but we won’t be back until Monday to see them. I can’t wait! I still need to sew some back bolsters and pillows next week, but then it will officially be my favorite place in the world :)


Living in the Tiny

We are now living (and working!) in our tiny house during the week, and then going back to our big house on the weekends to pack it up. So far it has been fantastic, with gorgeous mountain sunrises, snowshoe lunches, and lots of relaxing in the evenings.

We still have a small list of projects to complete before we will really feel settled in though. Things like having an actual ladder (instead of our current clunky metal one), adding storage, and getting cushions for the bench seats (ordered today!). We are hoping to make progress on a lot of project over this weekend.

Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve been up to. :)

One of our favorite things about living in tiny house is taking a break during lunch for a snowshoe.

We currently have an inflatable mattress in the loft until we have a non rainy time to move our mattress. The loft is nice and roomy and it is great to read up there before going to sleep.

View of the chandelier from the loft

Our fridge is installed. Yay! We still haven’t ordered our hot plate or counter top oven though, so not much cooking can happen until then.

After work last week, I did a mini project lining our kitchen drawers and cabinets. They are so cute, I don’t want to put anything in them!

This week I’m working on a great space saving project for our spices that I’ll share with you when I’m done!

Have a good week!